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Generally, What is Nepal?

Let's Travel to Nepal Year 2007 – This is the right, Completely Right time to travel to Nepal. Because all Nepalis plan to hold lots of impressive events for travelers. Travel to Nepal in 2007 will give you big chance to enjoy the nationwide festivals, meet kind nomads, experience the ancient nomadic lifestyle, and indulge in nature beauty of this land. Generally, What is Nepal? Well, Nepal, Nepalis … One of the oldest nations in the world that has left a noticeable imprint on mankind's history. Today Nepal is nomads' land, where emerged democratic achievement and exist both of nomadic and urban civilizations next to each other. The country is a quite distinctive on that it still keeps golden heritage of nomadic Nepalis as well as beautiful untouched wild nature…. What are the Nepalese like today? How do they live and work? What do they like and in what do they believe? Our offered travels help you discover all of these ones. Travel to Nepal with us is not ordinary. Our tour itineraries offer you the most wonderful highlights of Nepal and the special worth-seeing events. Nepal Tour in brief We arrange group tours and independent tailor-made travels in beautiful part of Nepal. Also we organize cultural & eco tours, extraordinary holiday vacation, jeep expedition, horse riding treks, hiking and cycling vacations, home-stay and adventure travels in Nepal. Our well experienced tour guides will help you to take a wonderful travel in Nepal. Hospitable nomads, kid jockeys on horseback, golden sand dunes are waiting for you. We will meet you with pleasure and see you off with satisfaction.


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